About us

Welcome to our store. Here you will find everything you need to create and decorate confectionery products.
The hot household goods store gives every pastry chef the opportunity to purchase the necessary accessories for baking and decoration make their dish a work of art.

Rolling pins, mats, extruder, tongs, irons and tool sets for working with mastic and making all kinds of patterns and point details of the decor;
Convenient spatulas, silicone and metal spatulas, high-quality scrapers for forming a layer of cream;                                                                                               Decorating bags, decoration tips,  
Pastry brushes for decorating pastries with inscriptions and elements made of paint or powder;
Colored ribbons and other tools for decorating holiday cakes;
Syringe with nozzles; fondant smoother, offset spatulas, bowl scrapers
Stencils with different patterns, cake testers, cookie cutters
Tools for working with text and its components;
Pencils for decorating products;
Tables and nails for creating and drying flowers;
Stands and carriers for a spectacular presentation of cakes and much more.