Ateco Decorating Tip 136

Ateco Decorating Tip 136

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Ateco Decorating Tip 136

Product Overview

Decorate your cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and pies with this Ateco 136 drop
flower pastry tube with bar. Made of durable stainless steel, this tube is
rust-resistant and designed to withstand repeated use without bending out of
shape. Featuring a drop flower tip, this pastry tube is perfect for creating
one-squeeze plain or swirled flowers. It is also compatible with the Ateco 400
coupler and Ateco 407 coupler, making it easy to switch tips without changing
the pastry bag. With the ability to easily create beautiful floral designs in
one simple squeeze, this pastry tube is perfect for beginning decorators!


  • Specialty tip for piping icing ring candle holders.
  • Made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel
  • Perfect for bakeries, cafes, and catering companies looking to enhance dessert presentation
  • Great for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts
  • Use for producing flower borders, filler flowers, and specialty flowers


  • Product Dimensions: 3.7 x 2.99 x 0.87 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Manufacturer: Ateco
  • Item model number: 8541888954